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Data from Ref. 3. SUbject 2663, dose = 10 mg{kg. ) The zero-time intercept obtained by extrapolation of the terminal linear phase to t = 0 is An' Successive application of the method of residuals (Appendix C) will yield linear segment(s) with slope(s) and intercept(s) from which the remaining value(s) of A and A can be determined. The constants A R. and AR. may be obtained graphically as shown in Fig. 4 or with the aid of a digital computer. The best approach is to fit the entire plasma concentration-time curve by means of a digital computer program which provides a nonlinear regression analysis of the curve (Appendix H).

106) For a given drug, as the absorption rate constant increases, the time required for the maximum plasma concentration to be reached decreases. The maximum plasma concentration is described by SUbstituting tmax for t in Eq , (1. 94) : C -Kt -k t k FX a O (max _ e a max) max = V(k - K) e a (1. 107) However, a simpler expression can be obtained. 108) a Substituting for e -k a t max, according to (1. 108). in (1. 110) Y The values of C ma x and t max under the special circumstance when k a = K is of mathematical interest and will be considered briefly.

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