By Kenize Mourad

In 2002 celebrated novelist and journalist Kenize Mourad traveled via Israel and the occupied territories of the West financial institution and Gaza Strip, interviewing usual Palestinians and Israelis who've been terribly contact through the clash among their peoples. This publication tells their tales.

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I therefore prepared myself for a three or four-hour journey, with car changes, to travel the 20 kilometres that separate west Jerusalem (the Jewish side) from Pisgot, an Israeli settlement on a hillside overlooking Ramallah, which was established in 1981 on land belonging to the neighbouring town of Al Bireh. But in Israel/Palestine there are no rules and you must always be ready to take your chance. Small miracles are a daily occurrence. I chanced upon a Sephardic driver who, to my great surprise, agreed to drive me to the settlement.

In fact the two sides were hugely unbalanced in terms of arms, technical know-how and preparation. We were being told on the news that the Egyptians had shot down one or two hundred aeroplanes and we stopped counting how many came down – but in the end we found out that it had been Egyptian planes that were shot down, from day one. So many lies were told at the time. 1967 revealed not only Israeli’s military strength but also the extent to which the Arabs were caught unprepared. After the defeat, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon took in a certain number of Palestinians.

The Israelis put a foul-smelling bag over his head to smother him, beat him and prevented him from sleeping for days and nights on end to try to break him. At the time, my father was being operated on for cancer: I wrote to the military governor of Bethlehem to appeal for my brother’s release since no firm accusation had been made against him. The secret police intercepted the letter and used it as blackmail: ‘Your father is going to die. If you don’t confess, you will never see him again’. He didn’t give in.

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