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Those books fix the real viewpoint of Wilde's occupation, revive the conversationalist, and re-create him firstly as a genial wit and stand-up comedian. They contain all recognize interviews Wilde gave, in addition to the memories of these who knew him.

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I don't think you ought to have come to the theatre at such a time', said Alexander. ' asked Wilde laughing. ' 'Certainly ... ' 'Everyone wants me to go abroad. I have just been abroad. 2 And now I * The Life of Oscar Wilde (London: Methuen, 1946), p. 288. Editor's title. 278 OSCAR WILDE INTERVIEWS AND RECOLLECTIONS have come home again. One can't keep on going abroad, unless one is a missionary, or, what comes to the same thing, a commercial traveller. But make your mind easy, my dear Alec. I have consulted Mrs.

Wilde's was a wonderful personality, and the sad ending of his career just as he had turned his mind seriously to the stage was a calamity for my profession. I went to the Old Bailey to see the last day of this great genius's trial. 3 I went for one reason, and for one reason only. I knew that he was doomed, and I thought to myself, if by chance he should catch sight of me he would see at least one sympathetic and sorrowing friend. As an instance of his fortitude while serving his sentence, surely no better example can be given of his unbreakable spirit than the brilliant epigram he made to a warder, when standing handcuffed to two felons in the pouring rain on a suburban railway station.

See Clifford Allen, 'Homosexuality and Oscar Wilde: A Psychological Study', Homosexuality and Creative Genius, ed. Hendrik M. Ruitenbeek (New York: Astor-Honor, 1967) pp. 6o-83; Marc-Andre Raffalovich, 'L 'Affaire Oscar Wilde', Uranisme et Unisexualiti: Etude sur Dijfirentes Manifestations del' Instinct (Lyon: Storck, 1896) pp. 241-78; and Robert Andre, 'Oscar Wilde et Lucifer', Nouvelle Revue Fran~aise, XIV Uune 1966) 1072-7. 2. By Arthur Pinero. 3· The last day of Wilde's trials at the Old Bailey was 25 May 1895· The jury having found him guilty, Mr Justice Wills sentenced him to two years' hard labour in prison.

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