By W. Steven Adair

Association and meeting of Plant and Animal Extracellular Matrix.

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Other sugars included mannopyranose [terminal and (l-»3)-linked], terminal xylopyranose, and (l-»4)-linked glycopyranose. No amino sugars were detected. Finally, Roberts et al. (1980) identified a small amount (—1-4%) of sugar O-sulfate esters present in an asymmetric distribution. B. In Vitro Assembly of Outer Wall Components Hills et al. (1973) made the important discovery that outer wall glycoproteins extracted with 8 M LiCl will reassemble in vitro when the chaotrope is removed by dialysis.

1989). 44 W. STEVEN ADAIR AND WILLIAM J. SNELL g-lysin. Controls were incubated either with buffer or with combined + supernatants from nonmating m t and mt~ gametes. The results (Fig. , 1989). No such conversion was found in controls (lanes 1 and 3). Figure 16 shows that conversion to the mature 60,000-Afr form is associated with acquisition of enzyme activity. While pro-g-lysin and mating medium alone contain no wall-degrading activity, a mixture of the two leads to significant wall loss. These results allow a new interpretation of results obtained by Matsuda et al.

One explanation for these results is that the 100,000-M r polypeptide is a framework degradation product. However, a polypeptide fragment of this size is produced only when g-lysin acts on intact walls in situ. The process of preparing frameworks from intact walls never exposed to g-lysin might alter the conformation of the framework and provide new sites for g-lysin action. For example, in vivo, walls appear to be associated with the plasma membrane via the W l fibers. Possibly, when g-lysin is activated during mating, sites within the W l fibers are in a conformation that makes them prime targets, yielding the 100,000-Afr species.

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