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12 In other words, Russia imported luxury goods and exported items of more basic value. Making use of documents from the French national archives and eighteenth-century statisticians, Tarle elaborates this point with respect to France, adding that since France was still mercantilist in outlook, the fact that her balance of trade with Russia was unfavourable indicated the empire's indispensability to her as a trading partner. 14 Of course France's chief rival, Great Britain, had a corner in this market for most of the century, and made great efforts to retain it.

D. ) Poles or peasants, the disturbers of the peace were sufficiently active for the voevody and the marshal to say: Everybody knows that the name of the miscreant Pugachev has become known to all, even to rural inhabitants since the time that he has begun his evil deeds. His exploits inimical to the laws of society and God, have evidently infiltrated the hearts of simple people, as if to win them over to his band as he has done those in Kazan province, giving them hope that their dues will be reduced and that they will be freed from their duties to their landlord.

46 The frightening news had come not only from remote Vladimir, but also from other districts of Kaluga county. The peasants everywhere appeared to know about Pugachev, his aims and movements. ' Another worker, Naidenov, when informed that he was going with others to guard against the incursions of the miscreant Pugachev, not only refused to go but also protested: 'How can you call him a brigand? '47 Not far away, Andrei Bolotov, recently appointed steward of an estate by Prince Gagarin, addressed the detachment of serfs arrayed for joining a levy.

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