By Martin Kantor

For a few homosexual males being gay is usually whatever yet "gay." What are usually assumed to be "gay attributes" are frequently now not features of being homosexual yet signs of universal emotional problems in homosexual men.In this insightful ebook, longtime psychiatrist Martin Kantor—who is himself a homosexual guy and has been in a devoted courting for 27 years—documents the problems linked to popping out and the demanding situations of homosexual relationships, together with friendship, marriage, "getting dumped," and sexuality, with unflinching and sincere candor. He additionally addresses the emotional difficulties and pervasive experience of loneliness that regularly hang-out homosexual males whereas analyzing subcultural matters which exist in the homosexual group, together with ageism. different subject matters contain constructing a homosexual way of life (being homosexual in a definite way), parental relationships, problems with midlife and getting older, and treatment and self-help innovations for homosexual males who think they want it.

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5. Avoiding exhaustion syndromes resulting from hanging around in drafty depressing gay haunts at all hours of the night. 6. Avoiding covering up the seediness of your life with forced merriment— grimacing instead of smiling, having just too good a time as your manic way to undo (warranted) doubts that the times are good. 7. Being freed up and able to do other things than constantly having to search for companionship, love, and sex. 8. Having the best sex, for when it comes to sex, familiarity breeds content, because with sex, as with anything else, practice makes perfect.

Ultimately saying that “they had to know,” they set up an elaborate ruse. Telling me they were going away on vacation, they dressed up in travel clothes, packed their bags, and kissed me and my new boyfriend good-bye. Only they went to a neighbor’s apartment whose windows faced my bedroom. Here they waited until I pulled the shades, at which time they came roaring back to catch me in flagrante. Now they berated me for being a “homosexualist” and forced me into therapy—to take a cure that they, not I, felt was needed.

Instead, he spent all his energy acting out against the father. ” He also expressed defiance by going beyond becoming openly to becoming wildly gay—to the point of becoming deliberately outrageous. In response, his father, defying the mother who now more than ever hoped to heal the divisiveness, cracked down on his son even more by constantly monitoring him and holding back money unless he did his bidding. That, of course, could only enhance the son’s rebelliousness and increase his defiance. It took months of family therapy to avoid a complete rift with Dad, but even then there was no full healing reconciliation.

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