By Klaus-Michael Mallmann, Martin Cuppers, Krista Smith

It's to the credits of the 2 authors of this booklet . . . that they've been assiduous in finding details both inaccessible or ignored earlier.—Gerhard L. WeinbergThe deliberate extermination of the Jews residing in Palestine was once merely weeks away . . .In 1941-42 Nazi Germany invincible in North Africa, and lots of Arab nationalists appeared to a pacesetter, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin el-Husseini, for guidance.The Mufti had a number of conferences with Adolf Hitler. Nazi Germany additionally pledged to wipe out the Jews who were dwelling in Palestine due to the fact time immemorial in addition to the hot arrivals from the start of the fashionable Zionist move within the 19th century and following the Balfour announcement in 1917.A specified unit was once assembled and informed in Greece within the spring of 1942 through SD officer Walter Rauff, the originator of the gassing van experiments in Poland and the Soviet Union. They have been to function at the back of the strains with assistance from these within the sector who have been desirous to subscribe to the duty strength. After El Alamein, the Einsatzkommando shifted its operations to Tunisia, the place it applied merciless anti-Jewish rules for lots of months.Over 2,500 Tunisian Jews have been to die within the camps manage by way of the Nazis and their collaborators.The authors have pointed out the correct records and analyzed the racist, ideological, political, and non secular implications of the making plans of a selected nearby extermination application in the context of the Holocaust.

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