By Maya J John, Sabu Thomas, James H Clark, George A Kraus, Kalpana Katti, Karine Charlet, Elessandra da Rosa Zavareze, Baljinder K Kandola, Cristiano Alves de Silva, Cas Hill, Rungsima Chollakup, Gijo Raj, Narpinder Singh, Ratana Rujiravanit, P Thanikaivela

In the quest for sustainable fabrics, typical polymers current an enticing replacement for lots of purposes in comparison to their man made opposite numbers derived from petrochemicals. the 2 quantity set, typical Polymers, covers the synthesis, characterisation and purposes of key normal polymeric structures together with their morphology, constitution, dynamics and houses. quantity one makes a speciality of average polymer composites, together with either normal and protein fibres, and quantity on common polymer nanocomposites. the 1st quantity examines the characterization, lifestyles cycle evaluate and new assets of traditional fibres and their capability instead for artificial fibres in business purposes. It then explores the real developments within the box of wool, silk, spidersilk and mussel byssus fibres. the second one quantity appears to be like on the homes and characterization of cellulose, chitosan, furanic, starch, wool and silk nanocomposites and the capability commercial purposes of traditional polymer nanocomposites. With contributions from top researchers in ordinary polymers from around the world, typical Polymers presents a useful reference for fabric scientists, polymer chemists and polymer engineers.

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Most of the current efforts on nacre mimicking have thus been targeted towards the laminated structures and the alternating hard and soft components. 159–162 Further, silk-mimetic proteins have been fabricated using a variety of processing routes. 168 These methodologies have a high potential to impact a large range of applications, from electronics to biomedicine. Bone and teeth structures, although an inspiration, are not subjects of recent studies on replacement materials for these tissues; most studies for replacement of these hard tissues169 are based on replacement of function rather than structure.

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