By Gustav K. von Schulthess MD PhD

This totally up to date moment variation is ideal for clinicians, because it focuses sharply on scientific PET-CT and SPECT-CT examinations, omitting long physics discussions. The ebook is now strictly affliction orientated and integrates PET-CT and SPECT-CT functions thoroughly. whilst either options are correct for a sickness, they're mentioned jointly; whilst just one is appropriate, it really is mentioned by myself. greater than 1,200 illustrations record using built-in imaging and supply very beneficial reference fabric for studying built-in imaging studies.

A bound-in DVD comprises over eighty situations to be seen in 3 orthogonal planes and diverse CT home windows equipped as reference and self-assessment records. The situations supply first-class education and self-assessment fabric. Readers can use the DVD to augment the book's illustrations or to check their talents in making diagnoses on their own.

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An alternative to the beta-plus decay for proton-rich radionuclides is the electron capture transition. The number of electrons in an atom is usually equal to the number of protons. A convenient atomic model states that the electrons are organized in shells of different energy levels around the nucleus (Fig. 1A). As the inner shell is close to the nucleus, it is possible for the nucleus to capture an orbiting electron and combine it with a proton, producing a neutron and a neutrino: A ZX ϩ eϪ S A ZϪ1 Y ϩ␯ (2) The electron capture leaves a vacancy in the inner electron shell of the daughter nuclide.

New York: Verlag Chemie; 1979. qxd 8/24/06 8:40 PM Page 16 quark4 27C:GRBQ152/Von:Chapters:Ch-03: Techbooks [PPG-Quark] Basics of PET Scanning Cyrill Burger 3 David Townsend ositron emission tomography (PET) involves the administration to a patient of a radioactive, positron-emitting nuclide, which tags a biomolecule specific to the physiologic process under investigation by PET. This so-called radiopharmaceutical is usually injected intravenously. If not confined to the intravascular space, it will be partially or completely extracted into the tissues during passage through the capillaries, where it may be metabolized or become bound at a specific receptor site.

Basic physics of nuclear medicine. , eds. Nuclear Medicine. St. Louis: Mosby-Yearbook; 1996:43–63. INTRODUCTION Nuclear medicine is based on labeling a pharmaceutical with a suitable radioactive isotope. After application to a patient, the radiopharmaceutical (see Chapters 14–18) takes part in physiologic processes. Radioactive decays are continuously taking place and can be detected from the outside by the emitted gamma rays, allowing monitoring of the distribution of the tracer concentration.

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