By Mic Fitzpatrick

The MMR controversy has been characterised through one-sided discourses. within the scientific international, the load of opinion is overwhelmingly in favour of MMR. within the public global, the anti-MMR crusade has a far higher impact, targeted at the fears of oldsters that the triple vaccine could cause autism of their childrens. either pros and fogeys fight to deal with the anxieties this creates, yet locate it tricky to discover a balanced account of the issues.In MMR and Autism Michael Fitzpatrick, a surgeon who's additionally the father or mother of an autistic baby, explains why he believes the anti-MMR crusade is inaccurate in a manner that may reassure mom and dad contemplating vaccination and in addition relieve the anxieties of folks of autistic young ones. even as, this informative book offers future health care pros and wellbeing and fitness experiences scholars with an obtainable evaluate of a modern wellbeing and fitness factor with major coverage implications.

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But in the result the Plaintiff’s claim must fall. Subsequent follow-up reports on the cases included in the National Childhood Encephalopathy Study and authoritative reviews have provided further epidemiological support for this legal judgment (Miller et al 1993, Golden 1990). While controversy raged over the vaccine, whooping cough returned: epidemics between 1977 and 1979 resulted in 27 deaths and 17 cases of permanent brain damage. While there was disagreement over whether the vaccine caused brain damage rarely or not at all, there could be no dispute that whooping cough caused both damage and death on a substantial scale (Preston 1980, Golden 1990).

The controversy around the demand for separate vaccines illustrates the wider political consequences of the MMR scare. The separate vaccines campaign Dr Wakefield first suggested that parents should give the MMR in its three separate components at intervals of 12 months at the press conference launching his Lancet paper in February 1998 (Guardian, 27 February 1998). However, demand for separate vaccines grew slowly over the next three years. It increased in December 2000 when the Conservative MP Julie Kirkbride announced her intention to introduce a Vaccination of Children (Parental Choice) Bill the following year.

The key problem was that New Labour’s stand against separate vaccines ran counter to one of its central policy themes: the empowerment of the individual consumer, particularly in public services. This point was well made by the National Autistic Society in its March 2002 ‘position statement’: The Government promotes choice in many areas of public policy. In rejecting it here it may fail to recognise assertions of patients’ autonomy and a perception of paternalism may well have caused some of the reluctance to vaccinate.

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