By Clemens Posten

With the excessive curiosity in renewable assets, the sphere of algal biotechnology has gone through an immense jump in significance. This e-book treats built-in methods to deliver the excessive strength of microalgae into software, speed up the improvement of truly operating construction procedures and positioned ultimately the goods out there. So this ebook will permit protagonists and determination makers in academia, undefined, and politics to get a transparent photograph of present chances and destiny developments in microalgal biotechnology.

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This company is the Italian market leader in the eye-care sector (SIFI SpA 2012). Less important in terms of quantities, but further commercially used carotenoids from microalgae, are lutein, zeaxanthin and canthaxanthin. They are added to animal feed to color chicken skin and for pharmaceutical purposes. In cosmetics, the use of carotenoids from microalgae as natural preservatives and UV protection factors is increasing rapidly. The reason for this is the higher consumer acceptance for these natural ingredients compared to synthetic ingredients.

To date, the consumption of microalgal biomass is restricted to a few genera, such as Spirulina (Arthrospira), Chlorella, Dunaliella, Nostoc and Aphanizomenon. Chlorella and Spirulina dominate the market (Tab. 2). 1 Spirulina (Arthrospira) The cyanobacterium Arthrospira, better known as Spirulina, is used in human food because of its high protein content, which is 60–71 % of the dry matter (Becker 2004). Its excellent nutrient value is based on the high content of iron and essential unsaturated fatty acids, especially γ-linoleic acid.

1997, 1999; Muller-Feuga 2000). Not every microalga is suitable for aquaculture. Each strain needs to meet several criteria: it must be easily cultured, not be toxic and must have an easily 22 2 Products from microalgae: An overview digestible cell wall, the correct shape and size to be digested, and a high nutritional value. As mentioned above, the nutritional value is determined by the content of proteins, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins. To date, only Chlorella, Tetraselmis, Isochyris, Pavlova, Phaeodactylum, Spirulina, Scenedemus, Skeletonema, Chaetoceros, Nitzschia and Thalassiosira meet the above-mentioned criteria.

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