By W. Schlegel, J. Bille

Die medizinische Physik hat sich in den letzten Jahren zunehmend als interdisziplin?res Gebiet profiliert. Um dem Bedarf nach systematischer Weiterbildung von Physikern, die an medizinischen Einrichtungen t?tig sind, gerecht zu werden, wurde das vorliegende Werk geschaffen. Es basiert auf dem Heidelberger Kurs f?r medizinische Physik. Die three B?nde vermitteln das f?r die Fachanerkennung als Medizinphysiker notwendige medizinische und physikalische Wissen. Im Band 1 werden die medizinischen, medizintechnischen und biomathematischen Grundlagen behandelt. Band 2 ist der medizinischen Strahlenphysik, Tomographie, Ultraschalldiagnose, Nuklearmedizin und dem Strahlenschutz gewidmet. Band three stellt Grundlagen und Anwendung der medizinischen Laserphysik und Optik vor.

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16,204-211 These sensor proteins transmit damage signals to the transducer protein kinases ATM, ATR, and DNA-PK,16,212 members of the phophatidyinositol-3 kinase (PI3K)-like kinase (PIKK) family that target protein serine and threonine residues for phosphorylation rather than lipids. These proteins mediate the phosphorylation of the histone variant H2AX on serine 139, forming γ-H2AX foci at sites of DSBs in a dose-dependent manner213,214; an example of these IR-induced foci in human fibroblasts can be seen in Fig.

188-192 All of these mutant cells are hypersensitive to IR to some degree with respect to both cell killing and induction of chromosomal aberrations, and have provided extensive insights into the underlying molecular processes that mediate DNA repair, cell cycle checkpoint induction and cell survival after irradiation. The dose–survival response for some radiosensitive mutants is shown in Fig. 0 Gy for the corresponding wild-type cells. Coupled with the fact that the dose response curves for the radiosensitive mutants also generally show a greatly reduced shoulder, the relative radiosensitivities measured by the ratio of doses to yield a 10% level of survival is around fourfold to fivefold and can be even greater for lower doses and higher survival levels.

16,163,165 The complexity of the ATM-regulated damage network is illustrated by a recent report from Matsuoka et al. 163 The defect in such individuals appears to involve not only DNA repair but signal transduction and checkpoint pathways as well (discussed later). ATM+/− heterozygotes appear clinically normal, and cellular responses to radiation are near normal, although there are suggestions that heterozygotes may have an increased incidence of breast cancer,167 and several reports show distinct, though mild hypersensitivity to ionizing radiation117,168-170).

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