By Xiaojing Zheng

Mechanics performs a basic function in aeolian techniques and different environmental reports. This proposed e-book systematically provides the hot development within the study of aeolian strategies, specifically within the study on mechanism, theoretical modelling and computational simulation of aeolian approaches from the point of view of mechanics. these days, environmental and aeolian strategy comparable difficulties are attracting a growing number of realization. we are hoping this proposed ebook will supply scientists and graduate scholars in aeolian learn and different environmental study a few mechanical tools and ideas and introduce aeolian comparable difficulties of atmosphere to mathematical and mechanical scientists.

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6 devotes to the analysis on the statistical characteristics of fluctuating wind fields and resultant saltation activity near the surface, and then to establish two wind velocity prediction models to describe variations of fluctuating wind velocity at different heights and times. 1 An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics As a rigorous discipline, fluid mechanics, especially fluid dynamics, came into being based on basic concepts and equations of velocity, acceleration, force, fluid field etc. and the fundamental laws which relate to the conservations of mass, momentum and energy.

8) where, e is the internal energy of unit mass, the first two terms in the right part are power made by body force and surface force respectively, qT is the heat source term, λT ∇ 2T is the heat conduction term, in which T is Kelvin temperature and λΤ is the thermal conductivity. 2 Basic Equations of Fluid Mechanics 25 where ST is the viscous dissipation term which includes the inner thermal source and the thermal energy, into which the mechanical energy turns due to the viscous effect. To make the equations closed, a state equation connecting pressure P and density ρ, P = P (ρ, T), is required.

According to atmosphere boundary theory (see Haugen 1973), the Coriolis force in the surface layer below 20–80 m can be neglected. , Eqs. 19). Using the Boussinesq assumption that ν and kT are constants and the flow is incompressible, the heat energy equation can be simplified to ρ ′ /ρ0 = –Td / T0. For the sake of convenience, the equations of atmospheric flow are expressed with components (u, v, w) of velocity vector (u) under the Cartesian coordinate system Oxyz. 21c) T0 ρ 0 ∂z ∂t ∂x ∂y ∂z ∂y ∂z ⎠ ⎝ ∂x ⎛ ∂ 2T ∂ 2T ∂ 2T ∂Td ∂T ∂T ∂T + u d + v d + w d = kT ⎜ 2d + 2d + 2d ∂t ∂x ∂y ∂z ∂y ∂z ⎝ ∂x ρ′ T =− d .

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