By Peter R.N. Childs (Auth.)

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The lubricant is pumped into a wedge-shaped space and the journal is forced over to the opposite side. The angular position where the lubricant film is at its minimum thickness h0 is called the attitude angle, d)-The centre of the journal is displaced from the centre of the bearing by a distance e, called the eccentricity. 7. /D= ~ ; . 6- J ji~ /'T ,\ / ", . 1. 2- -. 1 1 SomImerfield number. 1 1 C h a r t for the minimum film thickness variable, (ho/c) versus the Sommerfield number. Data from Raimondi and Boyd (1958c).

O~ determining k 'k ~ pressure, ~ ~0 (r/c)21~Nslm Sommerfield number, s = Figure ~,__ \ \ 0 ~ I "_~1 i~1 .... ' \,,,'" /k ~ \ 0pmax. D a t a from Raimondi and Boyd (1958c). , - - i ... __.. f 40 ...... 20 /'1 j" 9 .... ~ . ,,,~. ~ /'~~" 0 _ ~ l r- ~ . . . . . . 18 Chart for determining the film termination angle, 0po. Data from Raimondi and Boyd (1958c). 10 [ Chapter 4 55 Start Speeding up Steady speed Jour Bearing y Centre line shift One of the assumptions made in the analysis of Raimondi and Boyd is that the viscosity of the lubricant is constant as it passes through the bearing.

Heat transfer plays a vital role in many industrial applications, such as energy production and conversion, space and water heating systems, incinerators, refrigeration and air conditioning. The science of heat transfer allows the modelling of energy in transit and therefore assists us in the design of a wide range of mechanical components and systems. A critical aspect affecting many designs is the operating temperature as this usually dictates the system efficiency and influences choice of material and therefore operating and first cost price.

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