By Ghada Karmi

Two rabbis,visiting Palestine in 1897,observed that the land was once like a bride,''beautiful,but married to a different man''. through which they intended that, if a spot was once to be stumbled on for Israel in Palestein,where might the folks of Palestine cross? this can be a quandary that Israel hasn't ever been capable of resolve.В No clash this day is extra harmful than that among Israel and the Palestinians. the consequences it has for neighborhood and worldwide safety can't be overstated. The peace technique as we all know it's useless and no resolution is in sight. Nor, as this ebook argues, will that adjust until eventually everybody fascinated with discovering an answer accepts the genuine explanations of clash, and its outcomes at the ground.В Leading author Ghada Karmi explains in interesting element the problems Israel's lifestyles created for the Arab global and why the hunt for an answer has been so elusive. Ultimately,she argues that the clash will finish just once the wishes of either Arabs and Israelis are accommodated both. Her startling conclusions overturn traditional thinking-but they're not easy to refute.

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27 Buildings and villages were demolished, and in their place new European-style structures and settlements sprang up. 28 More recently, settlements built directly above Palestinian villages use the village names with the addition of the Karmi 01 intro 18 5/4/07 10:34:36 THE COST OF ISRAEL TO THE ARABS 19 Hebrew word for ‘upper’, and often the Arabic has been distorted to make it unrecognisable as such. In time, it may be difficult to remember which of the two had been the original, and the Palestinian village will have been in effect effaced.

There has not been a single decade since then when Israel has not been in combat with its neighbours. This has damaged the political process in the Arab world, which has come to look to and depend on its army generals for leadership and to admire military strength and violence. The establishment of the Jewish state in 1948 must rate as the single most cataclysmic event to hit the Middle East region since the First World War. As noted earlier, this traditional Arab view of Israel has recently been challenged by alternative critiques that see the Arabs themselves as responsible for much of their own misfortunes.

As noted earlier, this traditional Arab view of Israel has recently been challenged by alternative critiques that see the Arabs themselves as responsible for much of their own misfortunes. Karmi 01 intro 20 5/4/07 10:34:37 THE COST OF ISRAEL TO THE ARABS 21 These assert that Arab regimes have found it convenient to blame Israel and the West for the sorry state of the Arab world, so as to disguise their own backwardness and incompetence. 33 The Arab Human Development Report prepared for the UN Development Programme (UNDP) in 2002, which revealed the extent of the Arab world’s retardation in several key areas, was seized on by Western observers as evidence for this view.

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