By U. Thampanya

Mangroves inhabit tropical coastlines and are really considerable alongside deltas and bays the place rivers carry freshwater and sediment to the ocean. This habitat witnesses nice variability in sedimentation and erosion premiums, partially ruled by way of version in hydrodynamics of rivers in addition to the ocean. Sedimentation and hydrodynamics have a good effect on coastal and mangroves dynamics. Sediment accretion creates new dust residences for colonization while publicity to waves and currents may possibly strongly prevent colonization and advertise coastal erosion. In sheltered coastal bays, mangroves have been in a position to colonize newly-formed mudflats. Abrupt excessive sedimentation ended in giant mortality in Avicennia however it had much less impression on survival and development of Rhizophora and Sonneratia. Water turbulence had nice impression on Rhizophora seedling development and survival. against this, Avicennia and Sonneratia have been capable of continue to exist and develop good in uncovered stipulations. The integrating versions confirmed that water turbulence and seedling herbivory had the most powerful affects on mangrove colonization luck.

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We found that water movement at the bottom of this mangrove-fringed bay was relatively low as the deployed clod cards dissolved less than 5% of their initial weight per day only. The diffusion factor (DF) values calculated from our data ranged between 2 and 9, which is considerably less than the ranges reported for tropical intertidal seagrass beds (10-15; Erftemeijer & Herman 1994) and a coral reef flat and lagoon (5-25; Jokiel & Morrissey Copyright © 2006 Taylor and Francis Publishers Colonization success of common Thai mangroves 25 1993).

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