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Thanks,” Jim said suddenly, like a burst of sound he had been working up to. “For this dinner and, uh, not talking work. ” Griffin looked at the detective in surprise. He smiled, entirely pleased with himself. “My pleasure. I planned on working you to death over cheap diner food, but this is much nicer,” he teased gently, leaning his elbows on the table. “Seriously? I'm really glad I gave you a decent birthday dinner. ” Jim's handsome face didn't reveal much agreement. He just looked embarrassed—like he wanted to disagree, but that would be rude.

God. “Jim Shea,” Jim barked, and the pause on the other end told him it was, indeed, the screenwriter. ” Jim used his free hand to quickly shut down his computer and collect his belongings, his face heated with embarrassment as both Terry and Fredericks watched. ” The guy sounded a little nervous and surely regretting his trek to Seattle for dinner. Jim promised himself he'd be on his best behavior all night if he could just get out of this building without an embarrassing scene. He hung up and stood in one fast motion, grabbing his coat as he dodged Terry's amused look.

He did like to drink, however, but he tried not to drink alone. Which explained how the bottom of the wine bottle came up so soon. ” Griffin asked, well aware they hadn't touched the Kelly case or anything else beyond small talk about their respective cities and sports. He was already thinking of excuses to do this again—and to make this evening last a bit longer. ” Jim Shea wiped his mouth with the linen napkin and rested it back on his lap. On the one hand, it was a natural movement; on the other, Griffin wanted to massage the tension out of his shoulders.

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