By Schwarz, Richard W. General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists. Dept. of Education.,

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Two days earlier Charles Fitch had died. He contracted a severe fever after exposing himself to a cold wind in order to baptize three separate groups of believers. “I believe in the promises of God”, he said as he lay dying, confidently expecting to be reunited with his wife and children in a little over a week. Words fail to capture the urgency of the activities that engaged the advent believers in the weeks just preceding October 22. Crops were left unharvested; potatoes undug. Shops were closed; workers resigned from their posts.

Suddenly, while Joseph Bates was speaking, a horseman rode into camp, dismounted, and sat down at the edge of the congregation. The rider, S. S. Snow, was soon engaged in conversation with his sister, Mrs. John Couch. After a few minutes Mrs. Couch rose and, interrupting Bates, proclaimed: “It is too late to spend time upon these truths, with which we are familiar. . Time is short. The Lord has servants here who have meat in due season for his household. Let them speak. ”. Bates had come to the Exeter meeting with the conviction that here he would get further light on the reasons for their spring disappointment.

A childhood injury had denied her all but the rudiments of formal education. Although feeble in health, she enjoyed a strong Christian experience. One December day in 1844, while praying with four Adventist sisters, Ellen felt “the power of God . . upon me as I had never felt it before”. Lost to her surroundings, she seemed caught up above the earth. Upon looking for her fellow Adventists, she at last discovered them on a “straight and narrow path” which ended in the heavenly Jerusalem. Behind the advent people, at the start of the path, was a brilliant light.

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