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Иллюстрированный справочник, посвященный самым разным видам узлов. Будет полезен тем, кто хочет научиться правильно вязать узлы, выбирать наиболее подходящий тип узла для каждой ситуации, а также подбирать веревки с нужными характеристиками.

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Tighten by pulling gently on both ends. KNOTS YOU NEED: BOAT KNOTS Double Overhand Knot: Step 1 GREEN light This knot is used in climbing, camping, and craftwork. 52 A bulky stopper to block holes or slots when smaller stoppers pull free. When knots that surround the standing part of a line, such as overhands and figure 8 knots, are too small, Ashley’s stopper knot does the job. By bringing the working end back into play before the final tightening, a knot of satisfactory bulk is created. Clifford W.

More tension to be created than by simply pulling on the end of the rope. A rope can be drawn as tight as a guitar string, if needed, but the amount of tension is under the control of the knot tyer. This knot is an excellent method of keeping a tent line Trucker’s Hitch: Step 1 Trucker’s Hitch: Step 2 First, tie a quick-release loop, such as an overhand loop (see page 30), an appropriate distance from the working end of the rope or cord. Then pass the working end through the tie-down point (a ring in our photograph, for example).

Despite its name, this is a complete hitch, often used in the working end of a rope to back up and secure another knot that has already been tied. It is seen most often as part of a more complicated knot, but it can be used alone for simple jobs. light The basic half hitch is not a loadbearing knot except for simple jobs, such as hanging a food bag out of reach of mice. Half Hitch: Step 2 Drape the working end over or through the object to which the rope will be fastened. Bring the working end back out and over the standing part and then through the loop created.

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