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Matt. 9: 14-17; Luke 5:33-39); Jesus violates the sanctity of the Sabbath by preparing food (Mark 2:23-28; d. Matt. 12: 1-8; Luke 6: 1-5) and by performing healings (Mark 2:1-6; d. Matt. 12:9-14; John 9:13-17); and finally Jesus fails to observe the practice of ritual hand-washing before meals (Mark 7:1-23; d. Matt. 27 In response to these charges, Jesus issues a withering condemnation of the Pharisees for their alleged hypocrisy in all matters of piety (Matt. 23: 1-35; d. Mark 12:37-40; Luke 11 :42-52).

W. RIDDLE, The Martyrs. A Study in Social Control (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1931). In particular, Prolegomena to the Study of Greek Religion (Cambridge: The University Press, 1922) and Themis: A Study of the Social Origins of Greek Religion (Cambridge: The University Press, 1927). Harrison was quite deliberate in her use of theories borrowed from anthropology (Durkheim and Levy-Bruhl) and philosophy (Bergson). For a discussion of her work, together with others of her time, see G. S.

To quote Burridge: The millenarian situation in the traditionally moneyed community reveals attempts to re-order what seems to have become an unmanageable The End of Time and the Rise of Community 25 manyness into sharply contrasted contraries. Life is so multifaceted, so to speak, that it becomes almost impossible to exercise that basic moral capacity, the discrimination between right and wrong. The solution to this is a reformulation into contraries. 21 And: Millenarists find in the closed community the soil in which virtues can flower, and in the relatively open society that jungle of opportunity where vices proliferate like weeds.

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