By Marc H. Ellis

As the realm watches with horror the unfolding occasions in Palestine and Israel, Marc Ellis, a Jewish American student, examines what he sees as a obstacle element in Jewish identification. during this publication, Ellis deals a imaginative and prescient of Judaism that testifies to a moral lifestyles in our period, according to the rules of justice and group upon which the Jewish religion used to be based. purely through addressing the best way these unique rules are being squandered via a miltarized nation of Israel and a complicit Jewish institution in the USA, he argues, can there be desire for peace within the future.

Israel and Palestine: Out of the Ashes is a deeply own, philosophical account of latest Jewish id. having a look past the legacy of the Holocaust and past the portrayal of Jews as both sufferers or persecutors, Ellis forges a brand new imaginative and prescient of what it skill to be Jewish today.

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That this latter hope could come from the victims of the Holocaust who had no reason to harbor such hope seems incredible. Could the shattering of the tablets and the weight of God’s chosenness mandate a final appeal for a breakthrough beyond the violence and destruction of human history? Another possibility locates the theme of survival within the West and the birth of Israel. It could be that these writers and artists recognize that an appeal to remembrance in an expanding dialogue on the Holocaust is crucial to the post-war integration of the Jews into the West and the mobilization of support for Israel.

The theme of catastrophe particular to Jewish sensibility is a way of consoling fellow sufferers, and provides a message of hope and continuity; the theme of existential despair leaves the survivors in a generalized exile and breaks the dialogue between Eastern European writers and their Jewish audience. The replacement of the particular with a non-parochial message reduces the message of the Holocaust, as difficult and ambiguous as it is, to one of ‘complete despair’. When Wiesel and others edit out the shared expressions of faith to concentrate on the terrifying plight of the individual, Roskies believes they embrace a cultural rapprochement and sever themselves from the Jewish liturgy of destruction.

Do the leaders who participate in implementing the commandment do so with pure intentions and backgrounds or do they come to understand injustice because they have helped to create or maintain it? Can the missing commandment, once located, be lost again for the moment or forever, or once found is there a momentum which, like the cycle of violence, takes on a life of its own? What happens to those victimized while the search for the new commandment takes place is another important question. Do they simply wait out the process and celebrate as the victorious community comes to grips with its own complicity?

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