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With a given member of the elemental iron powder family this is essentially true, but the theory does not exactly translate from member to member. For example, using two identically narrow particle size distributions of 20 to 26 μπι, it has been demonstrated that electrolytic had twice the bioavailability of hydrogenreduced iron by standard rat tests (Association of Official Analytical Chemists, 1975). It is appropriate now to discuss those properties that relate to an iron powder's particle size and shape, and that will permit an investigator to identify his sample suitably.

Brengelmann, G. , and Finch, C. A. (1984). Effect of exposure to low temperature on normal and iron deficient subjects. Am. J. Physiol. 246, R380-R383. Monsen, E. , Critchlow, C. , Finch, C. , and Donohue, D. M. (1984). Iron balance in superdonors. Transfusion 23(2), 221-225. , eds. (1982). " Raven Press, New York. 16 JOHN L. BEARD AND CLEMENT A. , and Layrisse, M. (1966). ' Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 15, 1029-1102. World Health Organization (WHO). (1968). Nutritional anaemias. Report of a WHO Scientific Group.

F. Hurrell and D. E. Furniss (unpublished, 1983). , 1977). c Approximate cost relative to ferrous sulfate-7H 20 (DM 362/100 kg, February, 1984) for the same level of total iron. Calculation for ferric saccharate is for material containing 10% Fe. ^From Bothwell et al. (1979). 4. NONELEMENTAL SOURCES 41 The major iron sources used in food fortification are listed in Table I. They are divided on the basis of solubility in water, not acid, into freely water soluble, slowly soluble, poorly soluble, and insoluble sources, and their iron content, relative cost, and relative bioavailability in rats and humans are also given.

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