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The best way to use SAX, XSLT, and XPath to control XML files, in addition to use of XML-RPC protocol for having access to techniques on a distant machine, and lots more and plenty extra.

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The DOM approach also lets you query XML documents to retrieve specific information. In addition to parsing the XML documents, the DOM approach lets you create XML documents from scratch. Methods such as add_root() and new_child() let you create nodes of DOM tree. Using DOM to Modify a Document You can modify the XML document using the DOM approach. Modifying a document includes various tasks, such as adding a new element, modifying the attribute value, or removing an element from the document tree.

Rules for creating a well-formed XML document are: • Ensuring that every element in the XML document must have a start and an end tag. For example you need to provide the starting and the ending tags of an element, as shown:

  • First
  • Second
  • • Closing an empty tag with a slash mark (/). Empty tags do not have closing tags because they do not contain data. gif" />
    The above code shows that the and
    tags are empty tags that contain the slash mark preceding the closing angle bracket.

    The default string delimiter is colon. The xml_parse_free() function in PHP frees the resources handled by an XML parser, and releases the reference of the XML parser. You should include the function before the PHP script ends. If you do not use the xml_parse_free() function for releasing the resources, either the connection with the Web server closes or the segmentation fault error is displayed. The syntax to release the reference of an XML parser is: bool xml_parser_free(resource parser) In the above code: • The parser parameter specifies the reference of the XML parser to be released.

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