By Neil M. Borden MD, Scott E. Forseen MD, Cristian Stefan MD

the main distinct, state-of-the-art photographs of ordinary cerebral anatomy to be had this day are the center-piece of this incredible atlas for clinicians, trainees, and scholars within the neurologically-based scientific and non-medical specialties. actually an ìatlas for the 21st century,î this accomplished visible reference offers a close review of cerebral anatomy received by using a number of imaging modalities together with complicated ideas that permit visualization of buildings impossible with traditional MRI or CT. attractive colour illustrations utilizing 3D modeling thoughts established upon 3D MR quantity facts units extra complements figuring out of cerebral anatomy and spatial relationships. The anatomy in those colour illustrations replicate the black and white anatomic MR photographs offered during this atlas. Written through neuroradiologists and an anatomist who're additionally famous educators, besides greater than a dozen individuals, this state of the art atlas will function an authoritative studying software within the lecture room, and as a useful functional source on the computer or within the workplace or medical institution.

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Facial colliculus 9. Middle cerebellar peduncle 16 III 14 3 Optic nerve in the optic canal CN 1. 4 5 6 20 21 10. Crista galli A 7 22 11. Foramina of the cribriform plate 12. Chiasmatic sulcus 13. Tuberculum sellae BONY STRUCTURES 14. Sella turcica 23 15. Dorsum sellae 16. Posterior clinoid process 9 17. Anterior clinoid process 8 24 18. Superior orbital fissure 19. Foramen rotundum 20. Foramen ovale 25 21. Foramen spinosum 26 22. Petrous ridge 27 23. Porus acousticus (opening to internal auditory canal) 24.

Sella turcica C 21 12. Dorsum sellae 13. Clivus 14. Posterior clinoid process 15. Anterior clinoid process 6 5 22 16. Superior orbital fissure (with V1) 17. Foramen rotundum (with V2) 23 18. Foramen ovale (with V3) 24 19. Foramen spinosum 25 20. Petrous ridge 21. Porus acousticus (opening to internal auditory canal) 22. Pars nervosa (jugular foramen) 7 23. Pars vascularis (jugular foramen) 24. Jugular tubercle 8 25. 14 Trigmeinal (CN V) nerve. CHAPTER 2 COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE HUMAN BRAIN USING 3D MODELING TECHNIQUES LEGEND 6 1 Abducens nucleus (CN6) 12 7 Motor nucleus (CN7) 13 2 14 8 Superior salivatory nucleus (CN7) 9 Solitary tract nucleus (CN7, 9, 10) 11 Vestibular nuclei (CN8) Optic nerve in the optic canal 2.

Thicker than typical image slices are presented as they allow for the visualization of structures in a more continuous fashion. 74) are presented from caudal (inferior) to cranial (superior). 82 is the far lateral image on the subjects other side. 94) are presented from anterior to posterior.

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