By Beverly Roskos-Ewoldsen, M. J. Intons-Peterson, R. E. Anderson

What components have an effect on creativity and the iteration of artistic photos? What components have an effect on the power to reinterpret these photos? study defined during this ebook exhibits that expectancies constrain either one of those attributes of creativity. features of the imagined trend, corresponding to cohesiveness or its mental "goodness", additionally have an effect on photo new release and reinterpretation. different facts shows that photographs should be mixed mentally to yield new, manipulable composites. Cognitive types surround the examine and expand it to fields as diversified as structure, tune, and challenge fixing.

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We have argued elsewhere that some judgments, by their nature, require stimulus support. , Reisberg, 1987; Reisberg, Wilson, & Smith, 1991).

Are some people better imagers than others as measured by image production and manipulation, rather than by pencil-and-paper or self-report? Some observerdimagers may process their image generation and memory searches more rapidly than others. These individuals presumably would be faster at gaining access to reference-frame reversals than others, and might be considered as more adept at discovery and, perhaps more creative. This notion implies that people judged creative are faster or more Imagery’s Role in Creativity and Discovery 33 likely to reverse figures than people judged less creative, a notion that has not been tested, to my knowledge.

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