By Dianne Irving

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Here's a infrequent homage to the paintings of vintage 2–D animation and the time–honored approach to hand–drawing characters that come alive at the silver monitor. The author of "The Simpsons" and "Futurama," unearths the artwork of wonderful personality layout, backgrounds, and prop artwork during this lavishly distinctive guide that unveils the complicated secrets and techniques in the back of the deceptively uncomplicated and universally enjoyed Simpsons characters.

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"Originally written for an exhibition Jean-Luc Nancy curated on the Museum of good Arts in Lyon in 2007, this e-book addresses the medium of drawing in mild of the query of form--of shape in its formation, as a formative strength, as a beginning to shape. during this experience, drawing opens much less towards its success, goal, and accomplishment than towards a finality eternally and the endless renewal of ends, towards traces of feel marked through tracings, suspensions, and everlasting interruptions.

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You modify a context by overlaying new drawing operations. Listing 1-8 demonstrates this model. Its code builds two circular Bezier paths. It draws the left one in purple, then the right one in green. Figure 1-6 shows the result. The green circle overlaps and obscures part of the original purple drawing. info Figure 1-6 The green circle is drawn after the purple one, covering up part of that original drawing. Note The sample code in this chapter refers to two UIColor instance variables called greenColor and purpleColor.

Com/296-arc-gotcha-unexpectedly-short-lifetimes. To move back to UIKit from Quartz, use the class constructor method. This builds a UIKit instance from the Core Graphics object reference: UIColor *color = [UIColor colorWithCGColor:myCGColorRef]; Note Take care when using the CGColor property of UIColor instances. ARC may assume you won’t use the UIKit color any further after you assign CGColor to a variable. This can raise an exception. Always retain and release Core Graphics properties you assign to variables, even if you extract them from UIKit objects.

3. When clipped, perform any standard drawing operations. Material drawn outside the bounds of the clipping path is automatically discarded on your behalf. 4. To finish, restore the graphic state. This allows you to resume normal drawing without any further clipping, returning the context to the state before you began clipped operations. This process amounts to saving, clipping, drawing, and restoring. ) Chapter 6 introduces ways to use Objective-C blocks to clip and draw within saved-and-restored graphics states rather than managing those states through explicit calls.

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