By William Thomas Fernie

Examine by means of Dr William Thomas Fernie, first released in 1895. "From primitive occasions the time period "Herbal Simple" has been utilized to any homely healing treatment inclusive of one component basically, and that of a vegetable nature."

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If desired, a small piece of the yellow rind of a lemon may be added, just enough to give it a flavour. About the year 1562 a certain rector of St. Ives, in Cornwall, the Kev. Mr. Attwell, practised physic with milk and Apples so successfully in many diseases, and so spread his reputation, that numerous sufferers came to him from all the neighbouring counties. In Germany ripe Apples are applied to warts for removing them, by reason of the earthy salts, particularly the magnesia, of the fruit.

Nevertheless, we are now told (H. " No English work on herbs and plants is met with prior to the sixteenth century. In 1552 all books on 8 HERBAL SIMPLES. astronomy and geography were ordered to be destroyed, because supposed to be infected with magic. And it is more than probable that any publications extant at that time on the virtues of herbs (then associated by many persons with witch craft), underwent the same fate. In like manner King Hezekiah long ago " fearing lest the Herbals of Solomon should come into profane hands, caused them to be burned," as we learn from that " loyal and godly herbalist,'' Robert Turner.

Among the old Komans, to gather the first Anemone of the year was deemed a preservative against fever. The Pasque flower, also named Bluemoney and Easter, or Dane's flower, is of a violet blue, growing in chalky pastures, and less common than the Wood Anemone, but each possesses equally curative virtues. The seed of the Anemone being very light and downy, is blown away by the first breeze of wind. A ready-witted French senator took advantage of this fact while visiting Bachelière, a covetous florist, near Paris, who had long held a secret monopoly of certain richlycoloured and splendidly handsome anemones from the East.

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