By Justine Kerfoot

Justine Kerfoot has lived on Minnesota's distant Gunflint path for 5 a long time. She's gutsy, a professional, and funny. such a lot of all she's real-a targeted lady of power and personality! Her willing observations and hot sensitivity recreate memorable episodes and touching moments from her years at the path.

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There were times when we slid aside to allow a fast-moving ice floe, twisting and surging in the current, to pass us. We followed the floes, weaving back and forth and playing a game of tag and near misses. The sun poured down into our haven. An occasional pair of mallard ducks, startled by our arrival, rose to fly off in lazy circles but soon returned as if they had been disturbed only by a sudden slapping wave. The stream widened. We were faced with a lake filled with a gray foreboding mass of ice which had enough strength to hold us precariously and enough guile to suddenly yawn open a toothy hole and engulf us in an icy bath.

As he strode along there was a whoosh, and he found himself submerged to the waist. Because of the woolen pants and underwear that he was wearing the water didn't seem cold at first. But before he was able to pull himself out the water had seeped to the innermost recesses of his hide and, bejabbers, it was cold. After crawling out he came to the conclusion that his wool pants had absorbed most of the water from the lake and weighed close to a ton. He stripped, wrung his clothes free of water, put them back on and took a fast but mighty cool hike home.

They are used as a scent in trapping and in the manufacture of perfumes. We gathered the castors from the ground, as they were still in good shape and had a potential value. " [1969] WOLVES. Life is like a row of upright dominoes. Tip one over, and that tips the next until an entire row is down. One form of life depends on another. Wolves feed on deer, beaver, partridge, rabbit and whatever tidbits they can scavenge. Beaver are dependent on aspen, but at times will take willow or birch. Ponds, created by beaver to maintain their preferred water levels, serve as nesting places for all types of ducks and other water birds.

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