By Amikam Nachmani

A reconstruction of the lawsuits of the "Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry into the issues of eu Jewry and Palestine, 1945 to 1946". This learn areas the inquiry in the wider context of Anglo-American kin within the heart East.

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16. Lord Moyne, Minister Resident, Cairo, to Foreign Office, 29 March 1944, CO 732/ 88 Pt. 4/79303. 17. Summary of conversation between Sir Walter Smart, the Oriental Counsellor, Cairo Embassy and Azzam Pasha, Secretary General of the Arab League, Cairo to Foreign Office, 24 Sept. 1945, FO 371/45240/E7145. See also minutes of the Cabinet, 11 Sept. 1945: “Whatever action we took we were likely to find ourselves exposed to sharp criticism,” FO 371/45379/E6956. 18. Memo of Cabinet Committee on Palestine, 8 Sept.

This state of affairs has produced a degree of exasperation in American minds which is not likely to be removed unless some relief in the dollar situation is forthcoming. ” Britain could not really ask for American philanthropy to support tottering British hegemony and in the same breath call for an economic jihad against the Americans. S. supremacy in the region. S. ”36 In other words, the United States wanted “this country” too. Although the American pursuit of an Open Door policy and of free trade was justified as being necessary to give the Americans an equal chance, in fact it served to eliminate other competitors.

1946, p. 1, USNA, RG 43, AAC, Box 12. Washington to Foreign Office, 12 March 1946, FO 371/52568/E2198. S. Study of AAC Report, June 1946, p. S. Study of AAC Report, 21 June 1946, CO 537/1765; Crossman to Mrs. Zita Crossman, 28 Feb. 1946, SACMEC, Crossman Papers. Jews were only 4% in British Zones of Germany and Austria. Warsaw to Foreign Office, 9 Jan. 1946, CAB 134/595. Warsaw to Foreign Office, 20 Feb. 1946, FO 371/57688/WR736. Ibid. S. Commanders in charge of DPs and AAC, Lausanne, 9 April 1946, p.

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