By Peggy J. Parks

What's international warming? -- The learn of weather swap -- The human contribution -- indicators of a warming planet -- worldwide warming and the longer term -- A cooler Earth.; Discusses medical proof that exhibits Earth's warmth is expanding and the implications of that warming pattern to existence, agriculture, and lands

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Revealing Discoveries During the following years, some scientists explored Arrhenius’s theories about the relationship between carbon dioxide and climate. However, most scientists paid no attention. There was no way to prove that CO2 was building up in the atmosphere because there were no instruments to measure it; and it was assumed the earth’s oceans would prevent carbon dioxide from accumulating in the atmosphere because they could absorb gas. Then in the 1950s, Roger Revelle and Hans Suess, both scientists from Scripps Institute of Oceanography, published a research paper challenging that belief.

Coral reefs can also provide important clues to climates of the past. There are many different types of corals, but “stony corals” build huge reefs in warm, tropical seas. Coral reefs are made up of millions of tiny animals called coral polyps, which are cousins of the jellyfish. Although polyps differ in size, they are usually quite small—about the size of a pinhead. The polyps form protective skeletons by extracting calcium carbonate—the same material that is found in teeth, bones, and shells—from the salty, tropical ocean waters in which they live.

However, the main source of nitrous oxide is chemical fertilizers, which are usually made from nitrogen. When these fertilizers are spread on lawns or golf courses, parks or farm fields, nitrogen is released into the soil. Once it reacts with oxygen in the air, nitrous oxide is formed. In the past, nitrous oxide was not considered one of the primary heat-trapping gases. But like carbon dioxide and methane, atmospheric concentrations of nitrous oxide have continued to increase, and many scientists now believe it is a contributor to global warming.

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