By Marcus Cunliffe

Eco-friendly and Tan Marbled Hardcover. Rebound. Ex Lib. 234 pages with Frontis of George Washington at Princeton.

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Nelson Rockefeller and Mr. Wellington Koo. Napoleon Bonaparte is a still more formidable figure to posterity. The subject of literally thousands of books (three or four times as many as Washington, one would a network of highways, a guess), he is perpetuated also in strangers like in short, in the entire fabric of his coinage, a legal system nation, not to mention other Nevertheless, there is Washington Monument European countries. probably nothing quite like the in history. There have been vari- ous conceptions of him, and they have altered somewhat to generation.

There have been vari- ous conceptions of him, and they have altered somewhat to generation. But none of the principal the sides of the monument has been from generation conceptions wildly at variance with the others, and none has been credited. this, as Could anyone who weighed dis- words soberly say Gladstone did of Washington, about any other his celebrity of Washington's time or since? the pedestals supplied by history for pubof extraordinary nobility and purity, I saw one higher than all the rest, and if I were required, at a moment's notice, to name the fittest occupant for it, I If, among all lic characters think my years, would have choice, at any time during the lighted, and it last forty-five would now light upon Washington!

The history of our Revolution," wrote As FATHER of His the exasperated John Adams, "will be one continued lie from one end to the other. The essence of the whole will be that Dr. Franklin's electric rod smote the earth and out sprang General Washington. ") As Disinterested Patriot, he is one of a select pantheon. Against nearly all historical precedent he retired to private life twice, after hold- ing the two most powerful offices in America. Marveling at such humility, men could only compare him with Timoleon of Corinth, who brought peace to Sicily and lived out his days there; with Cincinnatus Thus, when of old, from his paternal farm bad her rigid Cincinnatus arm, Rome Th* illustrious peasant rushed to the field; Soon are the haughty Volsii taught to yield: His country sat/d, the solemn triumph o'er, He tills his native acres as before.

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