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And then, thoughts of bitter hatred began to lodge in my soul, as I reflected upon the ruin around me, and could not but revert to its cause. And who was it that had done all, or nearly all thiswho had made me a widow, my children orphans, and all of us beggars? Jamieson! And as these thoughts grew more frequent, so did my hatred of him assume a more definite form, while desires for revenge began to assume shape. It was not long before such desires assumed a character as to render them Page 18 mischievous, yet at the time, they were instrumental in shaping considerably the course I soon after adopted.

As the thought occurred to me, I replaced the hammer and drew my hand from the pistol. I need not hurryhe was here, he would not, could not escape me. And so I folded my arms and gazed somewhat curiously upon him, wondering what would be his feelings did he know that the wife of his poor victim sat within two yards of himif he knew that his deadliest foe sat close before him, and only hesitated as a matter of policy from sending him instantly into that awful Unknown, whither he had driven a few years before, a husband, father and citizen.

I made known my desire of obtaining a situation, and he offered me that of cabin boy, at a salary of $35 per month. The many rebuffs I had met with in searching for a situation though bitter at the moment, were in the end of benefit, for they removed to a large extent that timidity which accompanied my advent as a member of the stronger sex. I found myself able after a little, to address people without that tell tale blush that at first suffused my countenance, and also to receive a rude reply without that deep mortification which in the beginning assailed me with terrible force.

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