By Douglas Walton

Offers the elemental instruments for the id, research, and evaluate of universal arguments.

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Is her argument relevant in the Santa Claus dialogue? If so, explain why. FIVE Generalizations One very common way of giving a reason to support a conclusion is to offer a generalization that the conclusion falls under. For example, suppose a geometry student doubts that the triangle he is working with has three sides. The teacher may prove that it has three sides simply by stating the generalization, ‘All triangles have three sides’. This statement is called a universal generalization because it ascribes a property to all triangles.

Criticizing an Argument by Asking Questions 33 people in many countries today. The other premise extrapolates forward from the present situation to the prediction that in the next fifty years the population will double. These two premises work together to support Mark’s conclusion because they indicate that the present problem is likely to grow much worse. Finally, there is an additional statement added to Mark’s argument. This is the statement that genetically modified foods can help to solve this problem.

She states that the findings about monarch butterflies were published in the scientific journal Nature. This journal is a good source, and therefore Sarah’s appeal to expert opinion seems like quite a strong argument. It is possible for Mark to question her, asking who the authors of the article were, and what were their qualifications. But despite this lack of detailed support, her appeal to expert opinion is not without worth. It may not be conclusive, but it does provide a reason supporting her claim.

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