By Jessica Valenti

Feminism isn't useless. It simply isn't very cool anymore. input Full Frontal Feminism, a publication that embodies the forward-looking messages that writer Jessica Valenti propagates on her well known web site,

Covering a number of themes, together with popular culture, wellbeing and fitness, reproductive rights, violence, schooling, relationships, and extra, Valenti presents younger ladies a primer on why feminism concerns.

Valenti is aware greater than someone that younger ladies want a smart-ass ebook that bargains with real-life concerns in a mode they could relate to. No rehashing the usual concerns. No belaboring the place today's younger women have long past unsuitable. Feminism may be anything younger women suppose happy with, whatever they could personal. Full Frontal Feminism is sending out the message to readers — yeah, you're feminists, and that's really beautiful frigging cool.

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But there is another, less dramatic but equally effective, way. Let them speak. Let them say whatever they like to whomever they like, but stop that speech from counting as an action. More precisely, stop it from counting as the action it was intended to be. That is the kind of silencing I will consider, and it is a kind of silencing about which Austin had something to say, without commenting on its political significance. Some speech acts are unspeakable for women in some contexts: although the appropriate words can be uttered, those utterances fail to count as the actions they were intended to be.

Speech acts and unspeakable acts 29 depend, in general, on the effects they have, and the actions they are. On MacKinnon’s view pornography is speech, not conduct, but it is speech that should be left unprotected for the same kinds of reasons that other actions are sometimes left unprotected: because of the effects they have, and because of the actions they are. Austin and MacKinnon are emerging as close, if unlikely, cousins. In this essay I exploit the work of the former to illuminate and defend the latter.

Speech other than pornography may subordinate and silence women, and this raises important questions that are beyond the present project. But I will develop an analysis of the claims about subordinating and silencing that, if correct, will vindicate an argument that has been dismissed as philosophically incoherent. Whatever grounds one might have for doubting MacKinnon’s conclusions, philosophical indefensibility is not among them. Understanding how pornographic utterances are speech acts will help to vindicate the claim about subordination.

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