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If these asperities are covered by a suitable molecular layer of lubricant, they will not weld together. This will be the case if the lubricant contains small amounts of surface-active materials. Typical active materials are long-chain fatty acids, alcohols, and esters. 1. Mixed lubrication can simply be viewed as a mixture of hydrodynamic lubrication and boundary lubrication. Mixed lubrication is a term often applied to conditions to the left of the minimum point of the f-μN/P curve. This concept of boundary lubrication must be revised when applied to mineral oils.

16d). Thus, even though the deformation is elastic, the Greenwood and Williamson model supports Amontons’ law. As the surfaces make contact only at the tips of their asperities, the pressures are extremely high. Over the regions of intimate contact strong adhesion takes place, and the specimens become, in effect, a continuous body (cold welding). As the surfaces are made to slide over one another, the just welded junctions are sheared. Let s represent the shear strength of the material and Aro the area of real contact.

9. Variation of the maximum von Mises yield parameter, in and below the surface. 5, there is no longer a clear maximum. (Reprinted by permission of the Council of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers from Hamilton, G. M. Explicit equations for the stress beneath a sliding spherical contact. Proc. I. Mech. ) 2 For a single √ asperity, we can obtain both the area of contact π a = π rδ, and the load 3 w = (2/3)E rδ , in terms of the asperity compression δ = (z − d) and the radius of curvature r.

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