By D. A. Webb, T. G. Tutin, V. H. Heywood, N. A. Burges, D. M. Moore, D. H. Valentine, S. M. Walters, A. O. Chater, I. B. K. Richardson

The vegetation Europaea, initially released among 1964 and 1980, explores the synthesis of the entire nationwide and nearby Floras of Europe. it truly is in keeping with a serious overview of latest literature and on stories in herbaria and within the box. It goals to be basic in addition to authoritative, and will let a reader to call so far as its subspecies any fern, conifer or flowering plant growing to be wild or commonly cultivated. The 5th and ultimate quantity covers the Monocotyledons. except keys and outlines, details is given on geographical distribution and, the place attainable, on habitat choice and chromosome quantity. All names utilized in Floras or very important monographs are brought up within the textual content or index. The textual content, in English, makes use of a constrained vocabulary, and there are glossaries of technical phrases and Latin equivalents.

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10: Maximum Speeds of Selected Animals All figures are in kilometers per hour. Some of the speeds given are only achieved for short stretches. The great differences in the data given in the literature on bird flying speeds are based on the fact that no mention is made whether the cited speeds were achieved with or without tailwinds. Data after Bauer et al. 1974, Bertelsmann 1979, Franz 1959, Grzimek 1970, Hanke et al. 11: Jumping Distances of Selected Animals Listed in ascending order according to jump in relation to body length (BL).

Larger animals require a much sturdier skeleton than do their smaller counterparts. 18: Size of Selected Animal Cells Figures for selected species and organs. ) → 24 Part 1: Zoology Species Organ Rabbit Cerebral cortex Pyramidal cells of Betz Spinal ganglion Purkinje cells Spinal ganglion Purkinje cells Spinal ganglion Purkinje cells Spinal ganglion Purkinje cells Purkinje cells Lymphocytes Spinal ganglion Pyramidal cells of Betz Purkinje cells Muscle (M. 11 for more detailed data on human tissue.

5. 5: Relative Intestinal Length of Selected Animals Numbers indicate relation of intestinal length (IL) to body length (BL) (how many times longer the intestine is than the body). 4. Among the herbivores (long intestines) and carnivores (short intestines), respectively, the intestines of smaller animals are relatively longer than those of their larger counterparts. The sperm whale represents an exception to this pattern among whales, probably due to its feeding on octopus and squid. 6: Proportion of the Total Volume of the Intestinal Tract Made Up by Stomach, Small Intestine, and Appendix in Selected Mammals Figures represent percentages (%) of total volume.

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