By C. Bas, Th.W. Kuyper, M.E. Noordeloos, E.C. Vellinga

A sequence of monographs on households of agarics and boleti as happening within the Netherlands and adjoining areas.

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Physaloides). , Iconogr. mycol. 18: pl. 865. 1938 (as Ps. atrorufa); Courtcc. & Ouhem, Champ. Fr. : 1285. 1994; ImIer in Bull. trimest. Soc. mycol. Fr. 52, Atl. pl. 73. 1936 (as D. atrorufa); J. Lange, FI. agar. Jan. 4: pl. 149C. 1939 (as Ps. atrorufa); Mos. & FLORA AGARlCINA NEERLANDICA 34 00000 CH 4f QOOO A o o CH Fig. 3. Psilocybe montana var. montana (A) and var. macrospora (B). , Farbatl. Basidiomyc. ). 1995; R. Phi1lips, Mushr. N. : 200. , Blâtterpilze: pl. 66, fig. 4. 1913 (asPs. 1992. SEL.

Chionophila. It was found, however, in a quite different habitat: probably terrestrial (no mosses recorded) in a Fagus plantation. (Noordel. et al. in Persoonia 17. ). The description given here is based on that col1ection. CHARACTERISTICS - Pileus 5-20 mm, convex, plano-convex or very obtusely conical, hygrophanous, translucently striate at margin, reddish brown or chocolate-brown (K. & W. licle, covered with white, silky fibrillose, fugacious remnants of veil, sometimes appendiculate; lamel1ae, L = 22-30, 1 = 3, moderaicly crowded, adnate-arcuate to subdecurrent, brown then purple-brown, with paler, irregular crenulate-denticulate edge; stipe 15-40 x \-2 mm, subflexuous, stuffed or fistulous, subequal, sometimes somewhat tomentose at base, slightly flocculosepruinose at apex, with fugacious remnants of veil, pale pinkish brown at apex, much darker iowards base, which becomes very dark brown with age.

Psilocybe merdicola differs particularly by the larger, not hexagonal spores. Psilocybe coprophila and Ps. subcoprophila differ by their more reddish brown colours, and different size and/or shape of spores. So far Psilocybe merdaria is the only species in subgen. Psilocybe where acanthocytes have been found in the basal mycelium. This type of structure is more common in subgen. Stropharia. 14. Psilocybe merdicola Huijsman in Persoonia 2: 93. 1961. Fig. 14. SEL. DESCR. & FIGS. - Guzrnân, Psilocybe: 221-223.

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