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Digital Logic Techniques: Principles and Practice

1 Numerical illustration of knowledge. - 2 Operations on binary info. - three Combinational good judgment layout. - four Sequential common sense basics. - five layout of sequential common sense circuits. - 6 The electronic approach. - 7 functional electronic circuits. - solutions to difficulties.

Learning and Literacy over Time: Longitudinal Perspectives

Studying and Literacy over the years addresses gaps in literacy research—studies supplying longitudinal views on novices and the trajectory in their studying lives in and out of college, and reviews revealing how earlier reports with literacy and studying tell destiny reports and practices.

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The software prototype for real-time correction of satellite IR MODIS measurements for the distorting effect of the atmosphere presented in this work allows the capabilities of the existing methods of temperature sensing of the underlying surface to be extended due to the allowance for the distorting effect of the aerosol and semitransparent cloudiness. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS In conclusion, we would like to express our gratitude to the managers and staff management in Forest Protection Services for a fruitful and long-term cooperation.

0 package and adapted it to the operation medium Windows. General scheme (Figure 8) of the designed software for thematic processing of the EOS/MODIS data includes three stages. 1) At the initial stage (levels 0 and 1), the satellite file EOS/MODIS is unpacked with the help of IMAPP program from PDS format to a set of HDF-EOS formats; the geographic assignment of data and calibration of the space measurements are performed. 2) At the second stage (level 2), the a priori information from MODIS on the parameters of the atmospheric state is prepared for processing.

To obtain correct temperature and humidity profiles in the absence of LST values, the condition of approximate equality TS,21 ≈ TS,31 ≈ TS,32 is to be satisfied. G. V. V. Belov Stage 4. If TS,31 ≠ TS,32, then one of the reasons for this are errors in profiles of the meteorological parameters. In this case, the simplest compensation of these errors is conducted through calculating corrections of the form ΔTS = CERR(TS,32 – TS,31) and of a new value of TS,31 = TS,31 – ΔTS. Stage 5. In the case of influence of cirrus and semitransparent clouds, the retrieved LST values are corrected: TS,21 = TS,21 + ΔT21,CLD, and TS,31 = TS,31 + ΔT31,CLD, where the “cloud” corrections are determined via Look-Up-Table of the influence of cloud characteristics on LST retrieval results and the mutual analysis of MOD35, MOD06, and MOD05 data.

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