By X-L Zhao, J A Packer

Offers suggestions for the fatigue layout of at once welded, unstiffened joints (or connections) among structural metal hole sections, in uniplanar or multiplanar truss-type structural structures.

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4. 7 Effects of reference brace (Pref, Mref) and carry-over brace (Pcov , Mcov) must be combined. 0 S = 90° <1>=90° 'V = - 2 . 3 and MCF is the Multiplanar Correction Factor accounting for the effects of geometry and loading. 0 for all m values. 7. 1. Interpolation is allowed for m between 0 and -1, and for between 90° and 180°. 0 is recommended unless otherwise specified such as "negligible" or "no minimum SCF values required". 0. 0 26 5. 1. 3 for uniplanar RHS T and X-joints under axial loading on the brace, in-plane bending on the brace and chord loading respectively.

527'13 ') . 75 Brace (lines A and E) SCF. {2) . 809·132) • • p. ipb are multiplied by a factor of lAO. 725. (2y) 0. ell = 1373. > • - . 2 Uniplanar RHS K-Joints with Gap Pax cos e Pax cos .. e (a) Load condition 1: basic balanced axial loading Pch P ---L -_\A v --"'L'Ch \7. 3 Load conditions 53 20 18 I I e=60° l- ------ e=45° I- 16 I1 14 x

I--+\--+I--+-I"""" . -. 3 Uniplanar RHS K-Joints with Overlap Pax cos e ... c 0_ LLo 12 10 oif) I I I - I I I I t I i i I I iI - I I I I ! -'~~~ ••• ' ~-+-----+------+---f----+-+----+-+'---+-----l i 8 6 0= 60° I I - •• ~ J '. I '. lu for the chord of RHS K-joints with overlap (0,. = 50%. Load condition l: basic balanced axial loading ) 20 I 18 I - -----.. r- ------~-- 16 - e= 60° e= 45° e= 30° I I 0 if) i I I i i I ! I I i J iI I I I I I ii I I ! ~ I i I o I I ! I I 10 4 , i I I I ! I I ! II x 12 £ I ro 0_ I !

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