By Joseph Jastrow

"The current choice of essays is out there as a contribution in the direction of the conclusion of a sounder curiosity in and a extra intimate appreciation of yes difficulties upon which psychology has an authoritative cost to make to the general public jury ... to teach that the sound and ecocnomic curiosity in psychological existence is within the traditional and common, and that the resolute pursuit of this curiosity unavoidably leads to bringing the  Read more...

Preface. --
The glossy occult. --
The difficulties of psychical learn. --
The good judgment of psychological telegraphy. --
The psychology of deception. --
The psychology of spiritualism. --
Hypnotism and its antecedents. --
The usual historical past of analogy. --
The imagination. --
Mental prepossession and inertia. --
A examine of involuntary pursuits. --
The desires of the blind. --

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The absent and unencumsents the occult extension movement ; bered by the hampering restrictions of physical forces, carries its influsuperior even to wireless telegraphy, ocean to ocean, From homes. ence into the remotest and from North to South, these absent healers set apart some hour of the day, when they mentally convey their healing word to the scattered members of their of a small fee you are made " " soul-communion time-table for acquainted with the to meet the healing your longitude, and may know when Others disdain any such vibrations as they pass by.

Take up " spiritual healing and " spiritual readings of " rather than mere assurances from the dead, the future of indicates a desire to emulate the practical success of more recently established rivals. The history of Spirby its importance and its extravagance of doctrine and practice, forms an essential and an in- itualism, structive chapter in the history of aberrant belief there is no ; and difficulty in tracing the imprints of its foot- steps on the sands of the occult. The impress of latter-day occultism ancient and mediaeval lore upon conspicuous in the survivals of is Alchemy and Astrology.

Stitute a large proportion of present a prominent form of its intellectual tempera- | f t THE MODERN OCCULT 21 " There are also " who people," says Mr. Lang, so dislike our detention in the prison-house of old un- ment. varying laws that their bias is in favor of anything may tend to prove that science in her contem- which porary mood is not infallible. " alchemists and their brethren. VI Astrology, Phrenology, Physiognomy, and Palmistry have in common a search for positive knowledge whereby to regulate the affairs of life, to foretell the future, to comprehend one's destiny and capabilities.

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