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Freshwater Ecoregions of Africa and Madagascar: A Conservation Assessment (World Wildlife Fund Ecoregion Assessments)

As a part of an international attempt to spot these parts the place conservation measures are wanted so much urgently, international flora and fauna Fund has assembled groups of scientists to behavior ecological checks of all seven continents. Freshwater Ecoregions of Africa and Madagascar is the most recent contribution, providing in one quantity the 1st in-depth research of the country of freshwater biodiversity throughout Africa, Madagascar, and the islands of the quarter.

Sustainability Science: Managing Risk and Resilience for Sustainable Development

A brand new, holistic transdisciplinary endeavour born within the twenty first century, Sustainability technological know-how: handling possibility and Resilience for Sustainable improvement goals to supply conceptual and functional methods to sustainable improvement that support us to understand and deal with uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and dynamic switch.

Perspectives in animal phylogeny and evolution

Animal phylogeny is present process an incredible revolution because of the availability of an exponentially expanding quantity of molecular facts and the appliance of novel equipment of phylogentic reconstruction, in addition to the numerous striking advances in palaeontology and molecular developmental biology. conventional perspectives of the relationships between significant phyla were shaken and new, usually unforeseen, relationships at the moment are being thought of.

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Doubleday & Company, Inc. Garden City, New York. 000 Foglio 132-152-153 Bardonecchia. Servizio Geologico Nazionale, Ente realizzatore Regione Piemonte – Direzione Regionale Servizi Tecnici di Prevenzione (in Italian). 000 Foglio 154 Susa Servizio Geologico Nazionale, Ente realizzatore Regione Piemonte – Direzione Regionale Servizi Tecnici di Prevenzione (in Italian). 4 GLOSSARY In order to establish a standardised glossary of terms related to risk, it is necessary to make a few considerations. In contemporary culture, risk assumes different meanings that have undergone a profound scientific evolution over the centuries and that sharply reflect different social, cultural, political, and religious contexts in which ideas are developed.

Ex-National Geological Service, which today has merged into Apat, and carried out in Piemonte between 2001 and 2004. Information concerning more than 34,000 landslides that have been mapped by area, lines, and points and their relative files with associated syntheses are available. • Avalanches – Direct access to cartography, an alpha-numerical data base, photographs, and updated documents from the Avalanche Information System shared by Arpa Piemonte and the Province of Torino. FLOOD EVENTS Section Users can access several services grouped for each event (flood event October 1993, flood event November 1994, flood event October 2000) and for the water way involved.

N Natural catastrophe A disastrous natural event that causes the passage from well-being to ruin and misery. This term is often used as a synonym for calamity or natural disaster. ). Usually this is attributed to natural events with a negative significance, intended as those phenomena that can cause damage to anthropic systems (also see Danger). It is important to specify, however, that such events are normal processes in the evolution of the biosphere that intervene mostly independently of human presence and not always with negative impact for man (for example, flood capable of fertilizing the land).

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