By Robert A. Fosbinder BA RT(R), Starla Mason MS RT (R) (QM)

An amazing accompaniment for necessities of Radiologic technology, this workbook offers the coed with extra perform in using theories coated within the textual content. Designed to supply scholars with reinforcement and perform within the issues they have discovered, this workbook additionally serves as education for the Registry examination and contains Registry-style evaluation questions.

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B. c. d. 6 × 10−17 m 24. 28 × 1017 Hz. a. b. c. d. 15 × 10−10 m 25. The number of wave cycles per second for electromagnetic radiation is the definition for a. b. c. d. wavelength amplitude frequency intensity 26. The distance between the same portions of adjacent waves is the a. b. c. d. wavelength amplitude frequency intensity 27. The variations between zero and maximum height of the wave is the a. b. c. d. wavelength amplitude frequency intensity 28. Hertz is a measure of a. b. c. d. the number of cycles per millimeter the number of cycles per second energy per centimeter squared intensity per millimeter 29.

The applied voltage that produced this beam is _____. a. b. c. d. indd 42 11/11/2010 6:55:01 PM 43 Chapter 6: X-Ray Production Image Labeling 1. Evaluate the two diagrams shown and identify each type of x-ray production process being illustrated. a) b) M shell M shell (2) L shell L shell (12) K shell K shell (69) 90 KeV 70 KeV 10 KeV N shell (1) N shell = Proton = Electron = Neutron 58 KeV 80 KeV Number of x-rays having energy E 2. Identify the lettered components of the x-ray emission spectra of two different anode materials.

Eliminates low-energy photons by placing thin sheets of aluminum into the x-ray beam 8. Name for the process of an outer shell electron filling a vacancy left in an inner shell during a characteristic interaction 9. Graph that plots the number of x-ray photons produced as a function of their different energies 11. Brems radiation produces this type of spectrum 12. Type of radiation that results when an L-shell electron fills a K-shell vacancy 1. Type of radiation that constitutes 90% of the x-rays produced 2.

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