By Ts'ui-jung Liu, James Beattie

Environment, Modernization and improvement in East Asia significantly examines modernization's long term environmental background. utilizing local-level reports and the belief of co-production, it indicates new frameworks for knowing as inter-related approaches environmental, social, and financial switch throughout China and Japan. the amount opens up new issues of comparability and trade inside of East Asia and between East Asia, Europe, and North the USA. atmosphere, Modernization and improvement in East Asia provides major new views to chinese language, eastern, and international environmental historical past, in addition to international heritage and improvement studies.

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This includes the application of science and technology to intensify the exploitation of resources, such as through application of artificial fertilizers and development of higher-yielding, genetically engineered crops. It encompasses mass production of goods using large-scale industrial manufacturing operations powered by coal, and later oil and other fuel sources. It also takes in a corresponding cluster of attitudes and ways of living associated broadly with the term ‘modernity’: including, but not limited to, a growth in leisure, separation of work and home, growing consumption, industrial labour organization, urbanization, mobility, mass literacy, and nationalism.

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