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The path-breaking Encyclopedia of Feminist Theories is an obtainable, multidisciplinary perception into the complicated box of feminist notion. The Encyclopedia includes over 500 authoritative entries commissioned from a world crew of participants and contains transparent, concise and provocative causes of key issues and ideas. each one access includes go references and a bibliographic advisor to extra examining; over 50 biographical entries offer readers with a feeling of ways the theories they stumble upon have built out of the lives and events in their authors.

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And, 'this is not itself a distributive issue' (Young 1990:23). See also: categories and dichotomies References and further reading Bacchi, C. (1996) The Politics of Affirmative Action, London: Sage. Iyer, N. (1993) 'Categorical Denials: Equality Rights and the Shaping of Social Identity', Queen's Law Journal 19: 179-207. Young, I. (1990) Justice and the Politics of Difference, New Jersey: Princeton. CHRISTINA GABRIEL African American art history Racism has affected all aspects of African American life.

Nor do such studies routinely investigate an appropriately heterogeneous male sample: they are often as white-centred, age-centred, and affluencecentred as they are androcentred.

Bumpass has stated that African American children have only a 1 in 5 chance of growing up with two parents until the age of 16, with fewer resources than with two married parents. Poverty is present for 65 per cent of single mother/child units, but only 18 per cent of married couples. The imbalance of the sex ratio is a major problem, and lack of eligible men is unacknowledged by those who are in positions of formulating national social policies. Even if all men married, there would still be many women who would be left without mates.

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