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This book"Embracing the Rainbow" quantity II of THE guide FOR the hot PARADIGM" includes additonal messages guiding its readers to simply accept the ideas contained inside of them for the aim of constructing a brand new existence expierence for the "humans turning into" on planet earth. every one message broadens the conceptual understandings of the need to unlock barriers which have been thrust upon humanity prventing them from knowing who and what they really are. It includes impressive truths of a few of the stunning deceptions deliberately taught that restrict and separate mankind from their possibilities for religious evolvement. It defines the way it is feasible to take again the history of self-determination, freely create ones personal future and heal the planet and humanity as a complete residing entity throughout the prompt dynamic technique.


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A great deal of contemplation can be accomplished on a solitary walk. It must be understood that this discussion stresses a personal decision. Each must decide for him/herself. It is suggested that discussions with your spouse be encouraged, if that is appropriate. Many times ones in relationships have entirely different views in these areas. The pivotal relationship between you and your connection to creation is personal and can only be dealt with alone. To share with another person who is as committed to strengthening this connection is a joy.

Thus it would appear that it is time that true guidance appear on the 29 Embracing the Rainbow scene. The question then arises as to how this would or could be disseminated. Those in desperation that pursue the false religious doctrines are radical and fanatic in their defense and are no different than when the last great teachers walked among you. They are not less malleable in the belief that their priests and preachers are wise in their judgments and would again follow them into smothering any teacher or teachings that might be sent.

Just as the number of people who now believe that there is interplanetary travel has now reached the critical mass. A remainder still staunchly reject the acceptance of this belief, but that rejection is a shell to protect the rest of their beliefs, for if they are wrong about extraterrestrial visits, then they must entertain the possibility that some or all their beliefs are possibly false. There are compelling reasons that the evidence of these visits has been so vehemently denied by both governmental and religious powers.

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