By Hugo Marcelo Veit, Andréa Moura Bernardes

This publication offers an outline of the characterization of digital waste. moreover, processing strategies for the restoration of metals, polymers and ceramics are defined. This publication serves as a resource of data and as an instructional technical reference for practising scientists and engineers, in addition to for students.

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Wu J, Li J, Xu Z (2008) Electrostatic separation for multi-size granule of crushed printed ­circuit board waste using two-roll separator. Jiang W, Jia L, Zhen-Ming X (2009) A new two-roll electrostatic separator for recycling of metals and nonmetals from waste printed circuit board. Li J, Lu H, Liu S, Xu Z (2008) Optimizing the operating parameters of corona electrostatic separation for recycling waste scraped printed circuit boards by computer simulation of ­electric field. J Hazard Mater 153:269–275 Chapter 5 Leaching Processes Camila Ottonelli Calgaro, Eduardo Hiromitsu Tanabe, Daniel Assumpção Bertuol, Flávia Paulucci Cianga Silvas, Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa and Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório When solid materials are exposed to a liquid, some constituents will dissolve to a greater or lesser extent.

This is due to the complex stressing modes occurring inside this type of equipment, which are well suited for the comminution of thinwalled metal scraps [7, 8]. In a Hammer Mill, the size reduction is achieved by hammers capable of rotating around an axis. The material is destroyed by collision with the hammers and the walls of the mill. A hammer mill has a grid or screen at the bottom through which the material falls after being sufficiently reduced [9]. The product size can be adjusted by changing the grid or screens size, and by lengthening or shortening of the arms of the hammer.

The particles under the effect of the corona are negatively charged and remain attached to the surface of the drum until they penetrate the region of action of the static electrode. The function of the static electrode is to revert, by ­induction, the charges of the conductive particles, causing them to detach from the drum surface by changing their path, allowing their collection in the box of conductive material. The non-conductive particles remain negatively charged and, therefore, glued to the surface of the drum until they are removed with the brush and the alternating current electrode.

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