By Burton Wright; Center of Military History

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The task was incumbent on the government of Israel. However, since it had failed to do so, there was no option but to step into the breach. Once again, ‘in a place where there is no man, try to be one’. Yehuda Etzion referred to both these themes – the inaction of the government and the consequent need for individuals to fill the void – TERRORISM 37 in a booklet on the Temple Mount that he wrote and published while serving his prison sentence. [King] David’s acquisition of the Temple Mount was an eternal one in the name of all Israel.

If they had dropped napalm and not repeated shalom It would have sufficed. But they did all these things. How many the cruelties they have bestowed upon us. II Who knows One? I know One: one lost homeland. Who knows Two? I know Two: two hands to hold a rifle. Who knows Three? I know Three: three tanks against one stone. Who knows Four? I know Four: four cities lost to us. Four lost cities. Three tanks coming. Two hands only. One lost homeland. III Then came the planes That came from America That dropped napalm That burned our children That once had lived In our land Palestine.

It resulted in the political extermination of an entire nation, as manifested in land alienation, colonial settlement, demographic change, population expulsion and a reign of terror for those who remained behind. But if the 1948 Al Nakba involved the eviction of indigenous Palestinians by Israeli settlers, the 1967 war ushered in a pattern of organized genocide against the Palestinian people. 15 TERRORISM 33 The PLO also appropriated the founding myth of the Jewish people, the exodus from Egypt.

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