By Richard H. Robinson

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He o b ta in e d th e M ah ay an a s u tr a s from a n old b h ik su a t a stu p a in th e Snowy M o u n ta in s (H im a la y a s), an d r e c ite d , lik e d , and u n d ersto o d them. ’s c r ip tu r e s , b ut w ith o u t s u c c e s s . He w on d e b a te s w ith T Irthikas and Sramana s. The T irth ik a s p e rsu a d e d him th a t th e Dharma w as d e f ic ie n t in form al r e a s o n in g , so he s e t up h is own sc h o o l, w ith its own ru le and v e s tm e n ts . A 'M a h a n a g a b o d h is a ttv a ' sa w and p itie d him, and to o k him to a p la c e in th e o c e a n w here he p r e s e n te d him w ith th e Vaipulya S u tra s.

And a g a in : 36 E a r l y H d d h y a m i k a in India and China It should be noticed that the Mpps, attributed wrongly or rightly to NSgSrjana, does not m anifest, in its refutation of the Atman, any sp ec ia l resem blance'to the Madh. kSrikl of N iglrju na, and all said, seem s to have neglected them, although in other p laces it has frequent recourse to them. (cf. T ra ité I, p. 36, 37, 69, 367, 378, 396). We have already stated above {T raité I, p. ) that the M ppi departs on certain points from the doctrines of the Madh.

The H undred T r e a tis e (T 1569) T his is a com m entary on som e s t a n z a s by Aryadeva in re f u ta tio n of T irth ik a th e s e s . S e n g - c h a o s a y s : [The tr eatise's] final meaning being abstruse and tersely [expressed], few gained the gateway to it. The bodhlsattva Vasu, wisdom and'insight ripe within him, sur­ passing in sublime thought, from afar matched with" the metaphysical footprints and wrote an expository commentary for it. He made m anliest the hidden meaning with his fine pen (Doc.

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