By Lyn Gala

Being condemned to slavery is a typical sufficient incidence at the wilderness planet of Livre, yet this time, priest Shan Polli is decided to avoid the corrupt, soul-eating approach from destroying another lifestyles. Temar Grazer used to be sentenced for what amounted to a felony prank-but Shan quickly reveals that the risks expand some distance past Temar's crime. stuck among guilt and wish, Shan needs to locate his precise direction in both the priesthood or in a guy whose power and survival defies the percentages. Can the 2 males resolve a plot that threatens the total international ahead of Temar is damaged by means of a procedure of slavery that has twisted uncontrolled?

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D been young when his mother died, but he remembered sitting in her lap and listening to the hum of the church. one that he clung to after his mother had died and his father slowly turned into a drunk. s voice, watching the man move with a precision and grace and power that Temar had rarely seen in anyone. t think this will be easy. re going to learn to work and respect the land that you seem to have so little regard for.? s words were gruff as he pulled his hand back, leaving Temar to stand on his own feet.

Three years with Landholder Sulli taught me discipline and honesty I never would have learned from our father. Cyla and Temar could use a few of the lessons I learned when I had to work to regain my freedom.? Yes, Landholder Sulli is a good man,? Shan agreed. He held up his hand to prevent his brother from getting them all off track. s bed, during or after his time working for the man. You were lucky, and I thank God for that every morning, but not all people are as good as Tom Sulli. What happened in Blue Hope??

They had no hope of escape now, not that there was any place to escape to. Unlucky stars. d been born under the unluckiest of all of them. He heard a voice outside the shed and jumped. His heart pounded so heavily that his chest ached with the force of it. Part of him wanted the guards to come. d either sentence him to slavery or exile him. Either seemed better than waiting in the dark. t have a lot of illusions. d only last a few days out in the barchan dunes. In the deep valleys, shielded by massive rock walls, humans could build farms and thrive.

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