By N. C. Das

This publication discusses equi-quantile values and their use in producing selection possible choices below the twofold complexities of uncertainty and dependence, supplying scope for surrogating among substitute portfolios once they are correlated. The ebook starts with a dialogue on elements of rationality and studying versions as integral strategies in decision-making procedures. It identifies three-fold complexities in such approaches: uncertainty, dependence and dynamism.

The ebook is a unique try to search tangible strategies for such determination difficulties. to take action, 400 tables of bi-quantile pairs are provided for rigorously selected grids. in truth, it's a two-variable generalization of the inverse common fundamental desk, that's utilized in acquiring bivariate general quantile pairs for the given values of likelihood and correlation. whilst making judgements, purely of them need to be taken at a time. those tables are crucial instruments for decision-making lower than threat and dependence, and provide scope for delving as much as a unmarried step of dynamism. The booklet as a result addresses averments facing purposes and merits.

The content material turns out to be useful to empirical scientists and risk-oriented selection makers who're usually required to make offerings at the foundation of pairs of variables. The ebook additionally is helping simulators looking legitimate self assurance periods for his or her estimates, and particle physicists searching for condensed self belief durations for Higgs–Boson using the Bose–Einstein correlation given the value of such correlations. marketers and traders in addition to scholars of administration, facts, economics and econometrics, psychology, psychometrics and psychographics, social sciences, geographic details method, geology, agricultural and veterinary sciences, scientific sciences and diagnostics, and distant sensing also will locate the ebook very useful.

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V1 represents the vertex of uncertainty, its conception and developments through the ages from the Vedic to the present era. These have been dealt within Sects. 5, which provide a genesis for such developments. The next component of complexity represented by the vertex V2 is dependence, which has been discussed in Sects. 13. Mankind’s awareness of its existence and the methodologies employed to explore and circumvent it have also been traced right from the Vedic and the post-Vedic era. However, only such methods have been mentioned which are popularly known and have been applied frequently and widely by empirical scientists.

12. 13 introduces the concept of default correlation and copula. The apex vertex of dynamism, Markov chain, Brownian motion and stochastic differential equation have been briefly described in Sects. 17, respectively. Chapter 3 deals with univariate probability distribution, its characterization as adopted from Ludeman (2010) and the concept of quantile. 1 presents probability distribution, its characterization and its application in decision-making under uncertainties. 3 introduce to univariate normal probability distribution and confidence interval, respectively.

1954), Vasicek (1977), Moran (1961), Duncan (1966, 1975), Blalock (1971) and Dempster (1971), which could yield a break up of correlations between causal and effect variable into several components along logically causational directed paths having similarity with the structure of weighted directed graphs. However, that could not become 5 The impact of which can be seen on the length of biquantile loci to be dealt subsequently in Chap. 2 of Chap. 8. 32 2 Decision Complexity and Methods to Meet Them popular for many decades, but it started to play its role when structural models were used in biometrical genetics, econometrics, psychometrics and other applied and empirical sciences.

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